03/13/14 - Defending Our Waters Against Lionfish

Defending Our Waters Against Lionfish

Watch B: Marina, Landis,Evan, Jesse, Jack

Today we learned the significance of coral bleaching and about the invasive species, the lionfish. After hearing a lecture about coral bleaching from a Gifft Hill School teacher, Mr. D., we headed out with our snorkel gear to get an up close look. Our first stop was Waterlemon Cay. After an hour or so of observing the reefs, we returned to the Roseway for lunch. A second lecture from Mr. D followed lunch. This time we heard about lionfish. Once again we headed out with snorkel gear, this time to Mary's Point, in hopes of spearing some lionfish. Upon this mission, we witnessed a black-tip shark, a stingray, an octopus, lots of fish, a sea turtle, a barracuda, and more coral. By the end of the trip, seven lionfish were extracted. To conclude our study, we were able to take part in dissecting lionfish. We finished the long day with ocean showers, and a delicious dinner of fried chicken. We go to bed anticipating night watch and Della's delicious cookies.