03/12/14 - On to Francis Bay

On to Francis Bay

A Watch- Elena, Maeven, John, Katie, Sam

gThe fish hold was filled with a cacophony of moans from the students as the jipper voices of crew woke us up this morning. Kids were half asleep as they hoisted sails, but quickly woke up after breakfast and morning chores. Setting sail for Francis Bay, the journey was filled with rotations including going out on the bow sprit, lessons in seamanship and a little time for reading and reflection on our time aboard Roseway. Once anchored, Jeff Miller came aboard and taught us about coral reefs and sponges. He explained to us about how our corals are dying and how we are the main cause for dying reefs. After a hearty lunch, we got in our friend, Mr. Dana Robe's power boat. He took us out to snorkel around Waterlemon Cay and we saw Mr. Miller's lessons firsthand (and a couple of sea turtles). We ended the day with deck showers and a delicious dinner of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets. After evening muster we will be watching a fish identification presentation. Overall the day was a success and we look forward to the adventures of tomorrow.