03/11/14 - The Good Life

The Good Life

C Watch: Nina, Alex, Nadia, Abby, Aaron

Our experience upon the Roseway today began in the depths of the night when we were awoken by the subtle whispers of our fellow companions asking us to fulfill our anchor positions. Although many of us were cranky and tired, we stepped up and took responsibility for the vast amount of precious lives aboard the cracking vessel. To our surprise, however, quite a bit of bonding took place over the late-night watch jobs. We wrote comedic pros, ate delicious cookies, and gratefully sank back into our beds after an hour of "hard work." In the wee hours of the morning, we separated into two groups. One group stayed on the boat, while the others drove out to St. John's East End to kayak and snorkel in Hurricane Hole. The group that remained on the boat went for a swim and learned about the importance of pins and ropes in the structure of a sailboat, in addition to climbing the rigging of the Roseway itself! Around 2:00pm, each group switched positions. The boat-side group went East End-bound and the snorkeling/ kayaking group came back to the boat for a hearty lunch. We wrapped up the day by playing a multitude of improvisational comedic games, and it truly was a blast. In conclusion, it was a fun day and it is safe to say that we are all happy to travel to Francis Bay tomorrow!