03/10/15 - Bioluminescence and Back to Sea

Bioluminescence and Back to Sea

C watch: Claude, Jack, Marina, Stephanie and Jason

Last night, March 8th, we went to the bioluminescence bay on Vieques. It is a bio bay of living organisms that creates light when you disturb the water. We were in clear bottom kayaks. Kayaking in the bay, which is enclosed by mountains, was awesome. The tour guides also showed us the constellations in the sky. We came back to Roseway late, so the crew gave us the night off from anchor watch. (thank you Roseway crew). This morning we pulled up the anchor at 6:30am, raised the sails and departed for St. Croix. The waves were high and the boat was rocky, but we managed to tackle it. Today we did seamanship. We went on the bowsprit, further explored navigation and continued with knot tying. We also stood on active watch, steered the boat and did boat checks. After 12 hours of sailing, we arrived on the west end of St. Croix and are anchored off Fredericksted. It was a day of excitement and exhaustion indeed!