Making New Friends: Maine Ocean School

Making New Friends: Maine Ocean School

Searsport, ME

Wednesday, September 22, 2021  

Today we had an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a brand new educational partner: the Maine Ocean School, a Searsport-based magnet school that provides specialized programming for high schoolers who are passionate about the ocean.

Our crew met the group at the Searsport town dock and brought them out to Roseway on our two small inflatable boats. After only a brief opening activity, the MOS students were split into watch groups and hauling on lines, weighing the anchor and setting sails to get underway.

The students got a well-rounded view of things on board—first, they were introduced to Roseway's long and colorful history; then, they took a full boat tour (including the compartments where our overnight students sleep!); and finally, they jumped into learning the seamanship skills our crew use every day.

Our crew members taught three activities in rotation so everyone could try their hand at each one. Students learned nautical navigation with Susanna, line handling with Taylor, Rudy, and Kevin, and how to set, strike, and furl the jib with Greg and Eli. When it was their turn to furl the jib, students were challenged to put on harnesses and venture out onto the bowsprit! Furling a sail over the water while underway was a new experience for just about everyone, but these students certainly rose to the occasion.

When asked during the final reflection session who would be interested in living on board Roseway for a week or more, lots of hands shot up into the air—and many students admitted they wouldn't have said yes before coming aboard for the program.

Our crew can't get enough of introducing teens to Roseway—she has a way of showing young people just how much they are capable of. Thanks to Maine Ocean School for a great day on the water! We hope to see you soon.