Junior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 1

Junior Summer Ambassador 2021: Day 1

Isle of Shoals, NH and ME

Navid, June, and JWO Laci

Wednesday, July 7, 2021 

Today we began our trip on the Roseway by doing some R & R (Reading and Reflecting) with our watch group. After that we switched over to active watch which included sailing the boat and forward lookout. Once we finished with active watch we switched over to Seamanship watch which taught us how to coil and properly handle the ship's lines. Helping with putting up the sails at the beginning of the day was hard work but also fun because we learned more about the ship. Doing R & R was also really helpful because we were able to learn more about each other which helped with other activities that required group work. Active watch was a cool new experience. Us controlling the ship and watching out for objects in the water was a big responsibility. Throughout the day while working on the ship the weather shifted between hot and rainy/windy. All in all today was a fun new experience which brought many challenges but also a lot of fun.

-Navid and June

Today, me and some of the other crew members and students that arrived early started off our morning with some fresh oatmeal. After that, we started to get the ship ready for all of the other students that were coming aboard. As students started showing up, we played some games on the dock to help get to know each other's names more. Then we did a Welcome Circle once everyone arrived while the parents did a boat tour. We played a game to help the newcomers get an idea of some boat terms. I thought it was pretty fun. We then boarded the boat and went over some safety protocols and headed out. The crew then got divided into different watches: A Watch, B Watch, and C Watch. We were talked to about the three different things we would be doing as watches. Like different chores. My watch, or C Watch, did dishes for lunch. We also talked about Active Watch, Seamanship Watch, and R & R. Those were the three stations we rotated to throughout the day. Before we started with those, we all got to help set the sails to get us moving. It was a lot of work. After, our cook made us burgers and fries for our lunch. Then we started doing our stations. My watch started on Active Watch. We learned how to do boat checks, keep look out, and steer the helm. Then we did Seamanship Watch where we learned how to safely handle ropes around the boat. And for the last station we did R & R, and we played some games to help get to know the people in our watch. We played 2 Truths 1 Lie, then some UNO, along with writing down goals we wish to achieve throughout the 10 days aboard. We ate some chicken and rice for dinner, then got to do a fun shower with a bucket of seawater. Right after our night chores of course. The water was cold, and so was the weather after some rain. Overall, it was a fun, exciting, adventurous first day aboard!

-Laci, JWO