06/07/10 - The Wonderful World of Boy Scouts

The Wonderful World of Boy Scouts

Saturday and Sunday were forecast to be awful--no other words could describe, even from the weather service, what we were in for. It was going to be bad bad bad: tornadoes, golf-ball size hail, thunder, lightning, high winds, low winds, no winds, etc.

At 0830 we boarded 35 boy scouts ages 10-16 along with about 25 chaperons and headed out of Boston harbor. Our destination was Lovell's Island but we had a whole day to get there and plenty of activities on board to keep us busy while we were getting there. These guys were climbing the rig, chilling on the bow sprit, tying knots, navigating, standing bow watch, doing boat checks, and eating a lot of ham and cheese sandwiches.

By 1530 we were at Lovell's and the pack was unloading all their gear for camping on the island AND we were still free from the awful weather that was stewing all around us but miraculously leaving us be. After dinner on board we kept 9 of the scouts who were staying on board overnight with us and forming our acnhor watch, and the rest marched to their tents exhausted.

By 0830 Sunday morning we were back at it, loading all the gear back on board, eating a huge breakfast and heading out into the drizzle to sail back to Boston. But while the rain reminded us of what was possible, it was only a brief shower and then, another clear sail home with the forecast of darkness all around us, but not upon us. Again we rolled into activities and finally returned our troop to the dock at 1530, unloading just before the skies became black and let loose.

A great, exhilarating, exhausting, and weather-free weekend!