06/07/13 - Sailing with Haley Pilot School

Sailing with Haley Pilot School

This week, Roseway welcomed aboard 4th graders from Haley Pilot School for a week of programing. Each morning the crew was greeting by children running down the pier bursting with energy and enthusiasm. To start the program off, students and crew participated in “I’m a stars!” leaping high into the air and shouting “I’m A Star!” as loud as possible. When asked why we started our morning this way, students replied because we are awesome! Not only are we awesome, but it was a wonderful way to get the day started, wake up and have some fun. On board, they were immersed within Roseway’s life and lessons, challenging themselves by climbing the rig, discovering the science involved in sailing, and learning about the extensive history of the Boston Harbor.

No matter what kind of weather Boston has brought this week, the crew and students have had an amazing time setting the sails and exploring aboard Roseway. We are looking forward to our next adventure this upcoming week once again with Haley Pilot School and Harvard Kent Elementary School!