06/03/11 - Boston Programs Launch with Gusto

Boston Programs Launch with Gusto

Education Coordinator, Stephanie Miller

Today concluded our first week of summer programming here in Boston! Thirty-Three seventh graders from the Neighborhood House Charter School joined the Roseway crew for an action-packed week of exploring Boston Harbor and learning exciting new material. It was definitely an opportunity for growth and discovery, as crew members taught brand-new lessons for the first time and students stepped outside their comfort zones and onto a floating classroom that far exceeded their expectations.

At first hesitant about spending their big class field trip aboard a historic fishing schooner, students found themselves coming together to work as a team and participate in all of our community activities. “Teamwork needs to be present at all times in order to get most jobs done,” remarked student, Jalen Latimer. Trust was another value that we focused on as a group this week. Many of the students began by claiming that they didn't trust anyone in their lives, but after practicing trust leans and belaying each other while climbing the rig, even some of our most reluctant students admitted that, yes, they can trust other people- especially the Roseway crew!

But the road to discovery didn't end with our community values. Students studied the history of the harbor islands with Matt (shivering a little when hearing the tale of the Lady in Black who haunts Fort Warren on George's Island) before taking a turn plotting our course on the harbor chart with Martin and learning how to find our position at sea without a GPS. Later, students discussed the many different ecosystems in the New England region, looking at horshoe crab and sea urchin specimens with Emily, and then calculating the speed of Roseway with Kate and Scott, splitting up into teams and timing a cracker as it passed the length of the ship.

By the time we pulled into Rowes Wharf to end our day, the students were convinced that their time aboard Roseway was well spent. “I would tell a friend that I had an amazing time on Roseway and I think you should go,” said Aryana Blake, one of our Roseway superstars. “You would be doing and learning things you would never have thought you could do.”

Many students were so thrilled with the week that they grabbed flyers with information about our summer program on their way off the dock. “I would love to come back!” exclaimed Jellissa Cardoso, walking away proudly in her Roseway t-shirt.