06/30/15 - Whales Ho!

Whales Ho!

Boston, MA

Ships Log B Watch: Ellie, Fleur-Anne, India, Zach, and Sergio

We started the day in Boston Harbor, setting sail for Gloucester, MA. As Captain Dwight brought us out of the harbor, the crew and Ambassadors put up the sails for the long day ahead. Many Ambassadors got seasick from the big swells that we encountered throughout the day.

After lunch, Hunter spotted a whale spout while on bow watch. For a couple of hours, we sailed in and out of whales. We saw tails, mouths, backs, and even the whole body. Once, one whale even swam underneath the boat.

Even though some of the Ambassadors had a bad day with seasickness, we all experienced something new, whether it was seeing a whale for the first time, or hosting up the sails or even steering the boat.

Some of the most memorable parts of the day were: learning new languages (French and boat language), seeing the whales (of course), making new friends (laughing out loud, eating meals together, learning new things together). Sailing all day (blue-water sailing, putting up the sails, putting down the anchor), boat checks (learning how to do it), steering the boat (for the first time for many of us) and arriving in beautiful Gloucester, MA.