06/30/10 - Lake Ontario Crossing to Toronto

Lake Ontario Crossing to Toronto

Upon leaving Montreal on Thursday, Roseway had a beautiful motor through the rest of the St. Lawrence Seaway through the Thousand Islands with a brief stopover in Clayton, New York (a very hospitable and tall ship-loving group of people).

On Monday, we left Clayton and headed out across Lake Ontario trying to set ourselves up for a good sail to Toronto. Wind shifts both large and small plagued our trip. As we neared Toronto yesterday we were convinced there was a force field around the city as the wind was howling directly out of the harbor making it almost impossible for us to get near it.

We pressed on and entered the harbor in a line with Pride of Baltimore II and Europa all being filmed by helicopter for the evening news. Here we are for the next five days ready to share Roseway with the estimated one million Canadians who will be visiting the docks over the weekend.