06/30/09 - Anchor Watch off Job Island

Anchor Watch off Job Island

June 30, 2009 0230 Anchor Watch (reported by the students of Longacre Expeditions, age 14-16)

Conditions: foggy, flat-water, not much wind, cold, low visibility.

We were able to set sail (from Rockport Maine ) at 1600 to 1900 and then dropped the anchor around Job Island. We were taught all the ropes about the boat. Also we were taught about oceanography and how water affects the rays of colors. During the time we were sailing, bow watch was an important job because it made sure we didn’t hit any boats or even land. Then at about 1830 we started to strike the flags and to clean up the ship.


It’s the first time Rebekah and Rachel boarded your ship. It’s 0211 in the morning and Rebekah and Rachel are doing anchor watch! You are a lot of work Roseway! We hoisted your sails, swabbed your decks and many other things. A few moments ago we were in the engine room. It was super hot down there. Rebekah and Rachel are really, really, really tired. This whole week its been rainy, foggy, and cold. Our ship got stuck in the mud yesterday! We went to the play ground and played Frisbee/soccer. Then we ate lunch and went to a boat museum. This is Rebekah and Rachel signing off! Good night Roseway, sweet dreams!