06/28/12 - Watch B Reports from Boston Harbor Islands

Watch B Reports from Boston Harbor Islands

Watch B: Lauren, Nathan, Liam, Samuel, Megan, and Cecily

Greetings fellow readers! Today we were awoken early by the crew and rushed to get dressed and ready to raise sail. We set out from Provincetown towards Gloucester with a very windy start of 7.8 knots. It was so rough that Megan's sunglasses flew off her head and through a scupper then into the ocean. During the day, we had rotations between seamanship, boat checks and active watch. We learned about the pins on the boat and practiced our knots and had coiling races. We kept trying to beat each other’s time in the coil races.

For lunch, we had fresh lobster wraps that were very good. After lunch we went on the bowsprit again, looking for whales. We were unsuccessful but we saw a few whales later on, and one of them breached. After playing a few intense games of Catch Phrase, we climbed to the top of the rigging which is 60 feet high. The ocean was so beautiful when we looked out from the top. When we got back down, they dangled us over the ocean on the side of the boat, but don't worry, we had a harness on.

For dinner we had spicy chili, cornbread and some salad. Now, we are preparing for a talent show and our last night on the boat :(. We are going to miss all the great staff and the exciting adventures we have had!