07/28/12 - Ambassadors in Shelburne

Ambassadors in Shelburne

A Watch: Sam, Shawn, Kiera, and Aidan

Today was an amazing first full day in Shelburne. This morning we divided into two groups, one group stayed behind to help the crew give tours. Giving tours today felt extremely rewarding and was great fun to show off our pride and joy in our work. Meanwhile the others went to the local yacht club to write thank you letters to all the people that helped those of us that needed scholarships. On the deck tours we helped people on and around the boat. After the deck tours we all headed back to the shipwright's building and ate our lunches and prepared for the afternoon. Soon after we took a shuttle to the local ocean side campground where we swam and dove off and around all the huge boulders. After all our adventures at the campground we headed back to the pier. Once on the pier we got an exclusive tour of the Pride of Baltimore II. The Pride of Baltimore II was an amazing ship and we learned tons of stuff about the war of 1812 and privateering. After our amazing tour we headed back to the Roseway for dinner. Thus we ended our first day in Shelburne.

P.S. This afternoon we are headed out to sea for our voyage back to Boston. Standby for another log once we arrive on Tuesday.