06/27/14 - Revere Kids Master Sail-Training

Revere Kids Master Sail-Training

This past week Revere students from three different middle schools joined the Roseway crew for a week of team building, learning, and adventure. The students spent the week learning seamanship skills, such as tying knots and doing boat checks, learning the science and math behind sailing, writing poetry and supporting each other while climbing up the rig and out on the bowsprit. The Roseway crew loved working with these students and seeing their inquisitiveness grow each day. We were impressed by their desire to know about everything that was going on around them and their willingness to help out whenever possible. We are also impressed that these students will spend all of next week with their teachers who will be reinforcing academics learned on board, as was as the teamwork and community values-- all during their first week of summer vacation!! I learned how to speak up and not be shy while on the Roseway. I missed the first day and I was really nervous but other kids helped me out and cheered me on which was nice. -Kim Cano (13) I usually prefer to work alone but I felt respected within my groups and we used good communication to work together as a team. - Makayla Trickett (13)