06/27/11 - Mission:Possible Students Reflect on the Voyage

Mission:Possible Students Reflect on the Voyage

By: Hannah Chafe & Courtney Banks (B Watch: Roseway Deckhand Olympic Champions)

While aboard the Roseway we overcame many obstacles, though it turned out to be a good time. We got to sit out on the bow sprit (scary but fun!) as well as climb the rig. We learned the ways of the seas. Luckily, the weather was spectacular. Our favorite part was anchor watch, we even got to see the sun rise. We learned about nautical navigation, also we each took turns steering Roseway. The food here was absolutely amazing, many people went for seconds and thirds for dinner. We all seemed to work well as a team and even made friends out of acquaintances. We learned about Boston Harbor history, and many saw Boston Harbor for the first time from the water!

All in all it was a great learning experience that we will never forget.