06/27/13 - Deckhand Olympics and Foggy Sailing

Deckhand Olympics and Foggy Sailing

We woke up this morning to the sound of Dutch dancing. Many layers were necessary as it was already raining! What a beautiful morning of fog. The night before we had spent in Gloucester Harbor, crawling into our beds and hearing the joyful screams of the fiesta from the shore. We started off the morning with chores such as: scrubbing the deck, cleaning the heads, and preparing for breakfast. We enjoyed scrumptious blueberry pancakes made by Della, the wonderful cook. We went on a harbor cruise, experiencing the sights and sounds of the old time fishing town. The bagpipes, church steeples, and fog made us feel like we are in another century.

We went through hard-core morning training for the afternoon deckhand Olympics. Then, we said goodbye to our dear leader Eden after a long discussion about real-life right versus right decisions. After a delicious lunch, the Olympics began! Each team showed incredible effort and enthusiasm. Watch C made the most beautiful Ballantine coil. One of the challenges was locating the capsin head, which was confused with touching Captain Dwight’s head. The competition was fierce. All other details were lost in the fog that remained heavy over our heads all day. There was no discernible winner. Everyone climbed the rigging, ladder swaying in the foggy air. As we reached the top, everything and everyone faded away until we are all alone and at peace. To conclude the day, we had an amazing dinner, including probably the best thing we have tasted: brownies with marshmallow frosting with a lovely chocolate drizzle. Tonight, we will finish off the day with a talent show full of impressive acts.