07/26/11 - Wacth A Reports In From Cuttyhunk

Wacth A Reports In From Cuttyhunk

Watch A Ship’s Log by Dana, Gillian, Bryon, and Kane

6am woke up this morning tired with a great breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, and honeydew melon made by our awesome chef Brandon who not only cooks well but also gives great advice to us all! “Stick with it” in an Aussie accent. Cinderella and Annie have nothing on us. We scrub the floors, wash the deck, clean the dishes after every meal, make our beds and clean our bunks.

We had the best lunch: grilled cheese, salad and soup while we motored wildly down the Cape Cod Canal. We started our watch today by becoming the captain’s second pair of eyes on bow watch. Out of respect for our boat we checked all the conditions on board. We checked system functions and all water levels on the boat. Also today we learned about science, lift, and how that applied to sailing, not just planes. We learned that ships have pins and no we don’t need a bowling ball. These pins are used to hold an assortment of lines all over the deck. We started a book club on a true story, an educational sea-faring adventure. The flag design and knot tying were some activities that were our favorite on board today.

Just remember, Olympics are not just for athletes they are for ambassadors too, and soon we will be participating in the deckhand Olympics.