06/26/13 - Seeking Whales at Stellwagon Bank

Seeking Whales at Stellwagon Bank

At 0700 we roll out of bed and we were awoken with ‘I’m a Stars’ (that’s when you yell ‘I’m a star’ as loud as you can while doing jumping jacks). Began the day’s chores, then we had a lovely meal of eggy French toast prepared for us by Ms. Della. After that we broke off into our respective watch groups and rotations. During the course of our rotations we learned various knots including the bowline and the clove hitch, we conversed on the bowsprit, we plotted our course and we manned the helm. After we anchored a storm passed over and we witnessed a sheet of driving rain advancing towards us through a rolling cloud bank. Some members of our class plunged into the icy cold waters for a quick swim of the Atlantic Ocean. We also celebrated Ryan’s birthday with a delicious dinner and brownies.