06/27/11 - Mission:Possible Looks Out for Whales

Mission:Possible Looks Out for Whales

Ships Log written by the A-Team: Brandon, Eric, Chance, Rebecka, and Emily

During our first day, after arriving to the Boston Harbor we had went aboard Roseway and the first thing we did was take a tour around the boat. Then afterwards we set sail from Boston Harbor but before we did that we made teamwork contracts. As we were setting sail we were given a safety speech and were taught the 3 main safety rules. We had broken into teams and started our watch shifts. Later we saw a few whales and then after that we were taking turns climbing the bow sprit. After we ate lunch we did some boat checks and did the dishes. And then we started to learn about the charts and study about navigation. Not only that, we had learned to coil and then we learned a few knot tricks. We have now anchored in Gloucester. Later we're gonna "hit the bunks" for a while before we do our night shifts (anchor watch). Overall, today was exhausting, tiring yet at the same time a wonderful and exciting learning experience.