07/25/11 - Summer Ambassador Program Kicks Off

Summer Ambassador Program Kicks Off

Okay so it's raining and cold but that hasn't stopped Roseway crew from welcoming our twelve student ambassadors with open arms on board. Day one of our 2011 Summer Ambassador Program has brought students from all over the country and even from overseas.

Students spent the afternoon touring the ship, reviewing safety procedures, making their bunks in the fish hold, and getting excited about the trip ahead.

After a hearty warm meal (yes it was still rainy and cold) together in the main salon, the group jumped into the first chores of the trip after which we untangled some human knots on the dock.

It's now almost 9:30pm and students are getting corralled into bunks for journaling and hopefully, sleeping. Tomorrow at 0600 we drop lines and head for Buzzard's Bay.

Welcome Aboard Brock, Noah, Bryon, Max, Stas, Kane, Victor, Dena, Natasha, Daliyah, Dana, Gillinan!!