06/25/10 - St. Lawrence Seaway

St. Lawrence Seaway

Roseway left Boston more than twelve days ago and battled high winds and seas for more than eight of those days. What should have been a quick trip around Nova Scotia into the Seaway was more an adventure in heavy weather sailing, cold wind and rain, and patience. Montreal was a sight for sore eyes and a great crew respite for a couple of days.

Yesterday morning at 0800 we departed Montreal and successfully navigated four of the seven locks that stand between us and our next port of call: Clayton, New York. We climbed about 120-feet in elevation in everything from dead calm and warm sun to driving rain. Our fender-boards along with our captain’s expert maneuvering kept us free and clear of the jagged walls in the locks. We also greatly appreciated the Canadian lock mangers for giving us a nice slow fill! Last night we dropped anchor off of Dickerson Island, Ontario—ending the day with some of Jess’s fresh baked strawberry-rhubarb pie.

At 0500 this morning we pulled up anchor and are now making our way to our next lock back in U.S. waters, waiting our turn behind a huge lake tanker. By evening we will be in Clayton, NY for a few days of sails and festivities. Then it’s on to Toronto. Let our summer inland adventure continue!