06/17/11 - Squalls and Thrills on Board

Squalls and Thrills on Board

From fifth graders to high school seniors, this week our student crew covered a wide spectrum of interests, ages, and backgrounds. Each day a new group of students- 78 in total- joined the crew for a day of learning and fun aboard Roseway.

On Monday, we sailed with seventh graders from the Eliot School for a full day of programming. Climbing the bowsprit was a big hit, and the teachers were thrilled with how engaged all of the students were with the lesson material. “Students really got on board!” science teacher Valerie Carlson commented.

Tuesday brought another round of Haley Pilot school all-stars, this time from two fifth grade classes. The kids braved the cold weather to cruise around the harbor and learn a little more about the islands they had visited on a class trip the previous day. Still, everyone was eager for their turn taking a tour of the fish hold with Emily while learning about the life of a sailor; “It’s so warm down there!” our surprised students exclaimed.

Thursday and Friday we were joined by two groups from the SeaCoast Academy High School. On the first day, our students had such a good time that some of them came back for a second round on Friday! Unfortunately, we encountered a bit of a squall on the way out of the harbor, and our students crowded into the main salon to wait the weather out while the crew took on the storm on deck. But not to worry-- time below deck just meant more time to talk about the way the Roseway crew lives and to answer our curious students’ questions. Luckily, in the midst of the scattered showers, we still had time to learn about the local whale populations and tie some sailing knots.