06/15/13 - Sailing with Harvard Kent Elementary School

Sailing with Harvard Kent Elementary School

This week in Boston, Roseway and crew welcomed once again 4th graders on board for a week of programing. Our afternoons were filled with sailing adventures with the Harvard Kent Elementary School. Each day rain or shine, the students came running down the gangway to the ship overflowing with enthusiasm. Our week was filled with diving into the aspects of communication, teamwork, trust, self-worth and understanding what it means to be a part of a crew. The students also looked into the physics of lift and the science of buoyancy to develop an understanding of how it’s possible for a 260 ton ship to sail. They tested their strength with a tug-of-war challenging during their simple machines lesson and challenged their fears while climbing the rig. While on board, the crew gave each student a behind the scene look at what life it like aboard the Roseway. The week ended with our final circle, talking about what they were proud of. We were greeted with comments like “now I know I am brave, “ “I now know that I can challenge myself and face my fears,” and “I love the Roseway and want to come back next year”! All in all, it was a great week for students and crew! Thank you Harvard Kent Elementary and Haley Pilot School for another wonderful week!