06/15/14 - Boy Scout Troop 10 Aboard!

Boy Scout Troop 10 Aboard!

A Watch Ship's Log

Lexington Boy Scout troop 10 boarded the Roseway Saturday morning. They were greeted by eight enthusiastic crew members, who had prepared multiple engaging activities. Smaller groups were able to help raise the sails, which weighed around 4,000 pounds! Later scouts enjoyed activites such as climbing the rig, learning about simple machines, how the sails worked, and played a rigged game of tug-of-war. Scouts were also able to hang out on the bow sprit. Lunch, and dinner were served on the ship before arriving at Lovell’s Island, in the Boston Harbor. Scouts learned about boat navigation, and the history of the Boston Harbor, and the actual Roseway ship. Also, scouts were able to help steer the ship, and help with the active watch and filling out the transit log. All in all the scouts had a very eye-opening experience in learning how the life of a sailor is.

B Watch Ship's Log

We got onto the dock and raised sails of the boat. It was easier the second time to raise the sails. We learned a lot of history about the Roseway. It was scary when we went up on the rig. We had to climb out on the bow sprit, it was awesome. We feel like real sailor boys now. We learned about a lot of different names for parts of the boat. The stern is the back, the starboard is the right, the bow is the front, and the port is the left. The four sails are the mainsail, foresail, jumbo, jib. We got to practice signaling the captain when we were on active watch. Our job was to show the captain if there was something coming up in the path of the boat. We worked really hard on cleaning the boat. We had a knot tying competition, and C watch cheated so they won. I think we all know who the real winners were. Our cheer goes like this, “BZZZZ B WATCH!!!!” Zac got his gum taken away. The sailing was very different today, because there is actually wind, where as yesterday there was an utter lack of wind. This turn of events led us to move faster today than yesterday. Docking was fun. We were nervous that we were going to hit the dock. The water was very shallow. Leeroy felt sad because it snowed. L

C Watch Ship's Log

We got on to the boat. We then raised the sails. We had lunch. It was good. We learned about simple machines and played a rigged game of tug of war. We then went on the bowsprint. Zeno threw up couple of times. We were on bow watch. We steered the boat. We climbed the rig. We had dinner it was good. We had Hot Dogs, beans, and fruit salad. Then we got off. We got back on the boat. Then we had breakfast. We had sausages, sandwiches,and a banana. Then we had a knot competition were we tied with A watch. Some of us steered the boat again. Now we are typng this.