06/10/11 - Jump for Roseway!

Jump for Roseway!

The energy level on Roseway reached an all-time high today with our amazing fourth-graders from the Haley Pilot School. Every one of our young student crew members jumped into the week ready to join our team and face new challenges- -quite literally jumping, as we stood in a circle doing our warm-up exercises, shouting “I’m a star!” and throwing our arms in the air. For many of the students, it was their very first time on a boat. Rounding the corner of the dock, our students hopped up and down excitedly as they spotted the Roseway. Crew members had to smile as they gently reminded students not to leap off the gangway when boarding the ship. It was almost impossible for them to remember to walk in their eagerness to get on board and start the day.

Not only did our students display an incredible enthusiasm for tackling the challenges of sailing, working as a team to Heave-Ho the sails up the mast, they also approached lessons with spirit and curiosity. Students marveled at the fact that wind is created by pressure systems that form as the sun heats the earth. One student articulately recapped for the group that we are all in “this thing like a bubble; it’s called the atmosphere!” Our young crew members also proved that they have a knack for poetry, writing descriptive poems about their experiences as we cruised through the harbor:

Emotion Sea

By Jocelyn

When the sea makes waves

It’s talking.

When the sea is still

It’s sleeping.

When the boat is rocking

You make a friend.

The Sail

By Vaun

Big and tall

Like a belly.

On our last day together, the students bounded into programming as usual, ready to take everything they had learned over the week and apply it one more time. As one student put it, “We work as a team, so we can help each other remember the things that we’ve learned.” Back at the wharf, our Haley Pilot students thanked the crew and their chaperones for a fantastic week, before skipping happily off the dock and on to another adventure: lunch.