06/01/14 - School at Sea

School at Sea

Saturday: We first arrived and did "I'm A Stars." We were divided into three groups- A, B and C Watch. We got a tour of the boat and learned about all the different safety features. We unpacked our things and were kind of surprised at the size of our bunks. They were a little on the smaller side. We cast off shore and raised the sails. It was tough work. As we sailed out of the harbor, we tied knots and learned about the history of Roseway. Some of the knots were complex and others were easy and a breeze. The weather was at first really hot. We were all sweating. As the day progressed, the temperature dropped. We all piled on layers of clothes due to the amount of shivering. Since the boat is made of wood, there is a lot of creaking and a lot of fire extinguishers. Dinner was delicious and then we did chores.

Sunday: The boat rocked and rolled last night and falling asleep was tough. We were woken for our anchor watches. It was chilly outside, but the sky was beautifully clear. After a quick cookie, we checked all the bilges, including the one in the engine room. The door looked like a regular cabinet in the galley, but it had a magical land called the engine room. It was very warm down there and we check our waste and fuel levels. Both were good. We checked the anchor to make sure the chain was taut. We checked out bearings using a handheld compass to make sure we hadn't drifted. We checked the amps and voltages on the ships batteries. All was well and we happily went back to sleep. This morning, we woke up to clear skies and warm temps. We did 15 "I'm A Stars." Then, as C-Watch, we set up the dishes for breakfast. The monkey bread was heavenly. After breakfast we washed the dishes and other washed the cabin, the deck and the fishhold. Alyssa is looking forward to the mysteries the day beholds. Aden is looking forward to raising the sails again. Scotia and Gracyn are looking forward to climbing the rig and our Roseway watch leader is excited to teach us about navigation, trade routes, simple machines, lift, Boston Harbor history, Deer Island water treatment and so much more.