06/01/12 - Neighborhood House Charter School - Yeah!

Neighborhood House Charter School - Yeah!

It's Friday afternoon and Roseway's crew just said goodbye to 36 students from Dorchester's Neighborhood House Charter School. All week these kids have sailed Boston Harbor to learn about the local history and ecology as well as all the particulars of our good ship. True to New England weather, we saw cloudy skies, drizzle, humidity, clear winds, no winds, and everything in between as May melted in June. These kids started out a little bit timid and unsure they wanted to spend a week with us, but by this morning when they showed up on the dock they were energized and ready to jump in to a full day of sailing.

When asked what her favorite part of the program was, Cameron responded: "Every single thing!"

This was a great way to kick off Roseway's educational season!