07/08/15 - Service Work at Hog Island

Service Work at Hog Island

Hog Island, ME

Ship’s Log C watch 7/8/15: Christina, Hunter, Amari, Karen, Cassidy, and John

This morning the ambassadors woke up Christina by singing Happy Birthday. We then proceeded to do 25 “I’m a Stars, and eat a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage, and home fries. Then we got in our small boat and powered to shore to do some community service.

The first project we did was building bridges for the hiking trail. After that we had a picnic of PB&J, granola bars, and chips. Soon after that, we started to remove some invasive species. The two different plants we were looking for were: Asiatic Jewel Weed and Sunset Rose. While we were taking out the plants, Amari and Cassidy spotted a baby bird that was learning how to fly. It was so cute! This was a lot of hard work and we definitely needed showers afterwards. Thankfully we were lucky enough to get some. While waiting for the showers, Cassidy, John and Z stained some bird houses for the camp, and let’s just say that when Cassidy paints something, she decides to paint herself too.

After finally being clean, we went back to the Roseway to have some delicious spaghetti and meat sauce that the ambassadors simply devoured after being so hungry from a long day of hard work. Then we sang Happy Birthday and had some great Nutella cake for Christina. After that, it was chore time, and of course C watch had dishes. There were so many of them! But we were thankful for the help we had.

Needless to say, it was a great, long, and tiring day.