07/30/14 - Maine Swim Call!

Maine Swim Call!

A Watch

Today when we woke up we were all still tired from our anchor watches. For last night’s/this morning’s watches we did boat checks, wrote a poem, and had a yummy snack. We saw stars, some saw fireworks, others saw the lights from Boston and the lucky few got to see the wonders of bioluminescence. Before breakfast, we did “I’m a Stars”, raised anchor and sails, then had an awesome breakfast of French Toast, and strawberries and home-made whipped cream. After chores we busted into our watch groups; first we did “Reading and Reflection” which included making baggy wrinkles. Baggy Wrinkles are recycled line that we make into a mop-like object that protects the sail from chafing against the lifts. Then we did some knot tying, attempting to make a Monkey Fist. Lastly we did Active Watch, this time we had to sound our Fog Horn, to barely avoid crashing into a fishing boat. While Cassie was steering us into Portland Harbor to anchor, we helped lower and fold the sails to get ready for our evening swim before dinner. Thankfully the fog cleared enough for us to swim before we had Lobster Macaroni and Cheese, coleslaw, and asparagus. We look forward to our next adventures in Maine.