07/29/12 - Last Day in Nova Scotia and Off We Go

Last Day in Nova Scotia and Off We Go

Watch B: Jacob, Josh, Denny, Tyler, Jevah

Today we woke up at 0800 for cheesy eggs and home fries. Each watch completed their allotted chores, and then we were off to the nearby boating warehouse for longboat rowing. We were given an introduction and learned about commands, the boats themselves, and a brief history of longboats in Shelburne. We then split up into two groups and were given a chance to row the boats ourselves. Rowing was cold, fun, and interesting. Afterwards we went to the boating building we had been in yesterday to finish writing thank you notes, played hide-and-go-seek, and drawings, as well as work on a slide-show of our trip. We ate lunch, then continued these tasks, simultaneously taking turns using the showers at the Yacht Club, which were absolutely marvelous. We also received clean laundry and felt quite clean. Before returning to the boat, we took a short and wet walk around Shelburne, complete with a big chair and lots of interesting buildings. We got back to the Roseway for 'Deckhand Olympics' preparation, which comes up on August 1. The competition is really heating up. As the rain pounded on, we were treated to a warm, delicious dinner from Nick, fantastic as always. Tomorrow, we leave Shelburne and Canada for good. The departure time was new information to our crew. Shelburne is a small harbor town, that although we did not get to see a whole lot of, we all enjoyed it, and will remember it.