07/29/14 - A Visit to Roseway's Birthplace

A Visit to Roseway's Birthplace

C Watch

After our first anchor watch we had a great breakfast of eggs and bacon. Next we had morning chores and we rafted up alongside three other schooners; The Adventure, Harvey Gammage, and The Lady Maryland. After we got off the boats we got to see a sea food auction and got a tour of the fish processing plant. Our first reaction was that it was cold and stinky. We saw dog fish, monk fish, red snapper, flounder, and mackerel. Then we went to Gloucester Maritime Museum and learned different things about all different sorts of sea creatures. Our next stop was the Essex Ship Building Museum where we learned how to build a ship from scratch, the various parts on how to make a ship, and we laid the finishing touches on a scow and put it in the water so the wood could swell. Next we went to a park and climbed the Glacier Erratic. We stayed for a few hours and passed the time playing football and eating ice cream with a great view of the harbor. We walked about a mile and a half back to the boat and jumped into the ocean. We got to see the sunset as we were washing in the water that chilled us to the bone. After an excellent dinner, even though we were surrounded by seagulls, we were ready for another night of anchor watch and our amazing sailing adventure tomorrow.