07/28/10 - We've Reached Our Destination!

We've Reached Our Destination!

DATE: 28 JUL 2010

TIME: 1630

OBSERVATIONS: Sunday morning before we left Bayfield after a lovely breakfast hosted by the Duluth Power Squadron. We set sail for Madeline Island. Underway we made lanyards to hold our water bottles while we hiked. Some kept it simple with a braid or daisy chain, but others went all out complicated (crown sennits or monkey's fists). We arrived at Madeline Island by small boat in the marina. From there we went to the Madeline Island Maritime History Museum. There we watched a movie about the European settlement of the Apostle Islands, mainly by the French. After the movie we walked around the museum and saw a lot of animal pelts (some of us felt good about it some not so much). Peter gave an opera of the movie we watched beforehand, it was hilarious! Then we went outside the museum where we saw a guy who was dressed up as aFrench and Native American mix. He taught us how to dance historically, but he had a very outdated wardrobe. Then we walked a beautiful 10 mile hike across the island to Big Bay where the ship met us. No one knew Wisconsin could get that hot! We got shuttled back to the boat, swam in the bay then ate cheeseburgers for dinner. For anchor watch that night Jess made us lovely, delicious, chocolatley brownies for a snack.

On Monday we went bird watching early in the morning with Peter. We saw a crow, a great blue heron, two cormorants, a flicker woodpecker, then some sparrows, and a lot of squirrels. After the bird watching we went rowing with Zack in the lagoon. We saw a mama turtle with a baby turtle. When we got close the mama turtle pushed her baby off the log into the water and then went in after it. When we got back we had grilled cheese and tomato soup. After lunch we went to Raspberry Island. Abby, Katie, and Scott came up with a maritime version of "Yee-haw" (a game we play) called "Heave-Ho". We had pork tenderloin, fluffy mashed potatoes, and corn for dinner. We swam off the boat and it was epic and very very very cold! For an anchor watch snack that night we had epic blueberry pie made with the blueberries that we picked in Bayfield.

On Tuesday, we went exploring on Raspberry Island. Captain came with us and he made us run through the woods on a trail that ended at a beach. After the trail, we went on a tour of the old lighthouse there that was built in 1863. It cost $6,000. When we arrived back on the boat, we had samosas for lunch and then left for Sand Island. We had a good sail and finished reading Captain's Courageous. Dinner was really a treat, Jess prepared conch West Indian style with rice, black beans and salad. Since we finished the book, we were able to watch Captain's Courageous the movie, made in 1937. Let's just say it wasn't like the book.

Now we are underway on our way to Duluth, MN. To pass the time, we had a deckhand olympics where we were timed and judged on our coils and ballantines. We also made turk's heads bracelets. Now we're going to climb the shrouds and it will be awesome.


Capt. Dwight Deckleman

Emily Selinger

Evan Parnell

Kai Bartlette

Josh Winckel

William Wampler