07/28/14 - After the Rain….Whales!

After the Rain….Whales!

B Watch: Sasha, Madison, Wade, Harry, Tanner, Jessie, Will

Last night most of us slept well but the waves of the boat were definitely different then we are used to. We slept all through night to arise at 7 am this morning. When we got up it was raining mildly. We ate are breakfast of blueberry pancakes in the salon because of the rain. We did a deck wash consisting of scrubbing the deck. We also washed the benches and counter tops and after they were cleaned we rinsed them with the fire hose. After cleaning we got the honor of helping raise the sails. Our day consisted of 3 rotations. The first rotation was seamanship. We learned about history on the Roseway and Boston Harbor. We also learned some knots. During active watch we saw some humpback whales. It was amazing!! Then we did reading and reflection. Finally we sailed into Gloucester harbor. We drop the sails and anchored. We can see Gloucester right in front of us We had dinner of salad and tuna casserole. Then we did our evening chores. We are excited to see the town of Gloucester and explore Essex, where Roseway was built!