07/27/11 - Watch B Reports In from Greenport, NY

Watch B Reports In from Greenport, NY

Watch B Log: Max, Stas, Daliyah, and Noah

Our first night of anchor watch in Cuttyhunk was late. It was our responsibility to watch the boat overnight. Stas checked our bearings. Max wrote a story, Noah kept an eye on our depth and Daliyah watched a beautiful rainbow sunrise.

Bright and early the next morning after brushing our teeth, changing into our uniforms, and eating a delicious breakfast, we raised the colors and soared our ships flags. It was our turn for “soles and bowls” duty in the fish hold where we sleep. During soles and bowls we scrub, soak, and shine the floors, head, and sinks of the ship. By the time we finished, we were on our way to Greenport, NY.

We met as a crew to talk about putting our ethical values into practice. The values we chose were respect, trust, integrity, communication, and compassion. Our watch leader Matt read us our story we created while on anchor watch the night before. Each anchor watch wrote a different part of the story using only the first sentence of the previous group’s story. There were zombies and peanut butter covered ninjas and monster truck flavored ice cream, oh my! Later we followed our watch leaders around the boat and learned where all the pins were.

The highlights of our day were watching dolphins jump off the starboard side of the boat and seeing jellyfish float by. As we crawled out to the bowsprit with our harnesses on, we felt the breeze in our faces and climbed out to the very end. We sat and got a good view of the ocean. Nothing was better than that. The fresh smell of nature. We sat on watch and had a delicious dinner. We can now see the green in Greenport, NY.