07/26/14 - Summertime Education Aboard Roseway

Summertime Education Aboard Roseway

This week The Roseway hosted 4th, 5th, and 6th graders from the Paraclete program. We had beautiful, sunny weather all week which made for perfect sailing. We had a lot of fun sailing around the harbor each day watching out for different boats, lobster traps, and buoys while we stood bow watch-one day we even saw a seal! We took a tour of the boat and saw different compartments such as the foc’s’le (where the crew sleeps), the forepeak (where we store extra paint and supplies), and the galley (where we cook meals). We practiced navigating the Roseway by steering at the helm, triangulating our position, and using a compass to stay on course. We practiced tying knots and coiling lines to keep the deck clear and safe. On the first day we practiced throwing heaving lines to help tie the boat to the dock after our adventures. We also learned how a boat floats by constructing our own little boats from tin foil. We wrote poems about our time on the Roseway out to sea. We read cool stories in book club about the Titanic, Rosa Parks, and glaciers. On Wednesday we docked at Lowell’s Island to have lunch and played Hunger Games. On Friday we did a treasure hunt throughout the boat where we created a song about the four sails on the boat, sang it to the captain, and got cookies!

Each day we raised the sails, and each day it got easier and easier since we were working together as a team!