07/26/12 - From Lunenburg with Love

From Lunenburg with Love

Watch B: Jacob, Tyler, Denny, Josh, Jevah

“Hear ye, hear ye”, began our day, from the town crier, as he stood in the middle of the Fish Hold. After recovering from the shock of this event, we groggily ate a breakfast of oatmeal and quite syrupy fruit. After completing chores, we headed to the boat workshop to continue the process of scraping paint off of a dory, which we would then paint. We then walked to Harbour View Haven, an assisted living home, where we were given a tour and an orientation. Next, we walked to some picnic benches, had lunch and practiced our performance for the HVH residents. After sufficient rehearsal, we returned to HVH and put on a small show for the wonderful people there, with acts including “Hey Jude”, Ham-boning, the 'Scarecrow Song', a poem, “Sea Fever”, the Hoedown Throwdown dance, and an original song, “The Roseway Crew”, to the tune of “Yellow Submarine”. After answering questions and talking around, we went to the construction site of the Bluenose II, where we learned a lot about the Bluenose and ship history in Lunenburg. Then, we had a deliciously yummy treat of ice cream, and returned to our recently paint-scraped dory to re-paint the dory (and ourselves). Then, we returned to the Roseway for a fantastic supper of wonderfully cooked chicken, freshly steamed peas, and Nick's famous garlic mashed potatoes and homemade gravy. After that, we were surprised by yet another treat; an entire hour of swimming at the local pool (which was very fun). Now, we are back at the ship, writing the log, and getting ready for bed. Tomorrow morning, we leave Lunenburg for Shelburne. We're not sure how much signal we will have in that little town so don't be surprised if you don't hear from us for a couple of days.