07/26/09 - Fort of Louisburg - Sydney Nova Scotia

Fort of Louisburg - Sydney Nova Scotia

Nathaniel, Eric, Kai, and Kelsey


While at the Tall Ships festival in Sydney, we took a shuttle van through Cape Breton to the Fort of Louisburg, a reconstruction of a French fort/town from 1744. When we first walked in we were approached by a French soldier asking why we were speaking English and not French. Eric, trying to be smart, said that we were from the British Virgin Islands. We were let by, though the soldier thought we looked like spies because of our (red) Roseway shirts. We walked into the forge and there was a ten-year-old boy making nails, screwdrivers, and other metal items. We then walked into the King's Bakery and we were given a small talk about how they bake the bread. Turns out, there were three types of bread made. There's white bread, which was served to the upper class. The 50% white/50% wheat bread was for the second class, and the 80% wheat with rye was for the lower class. They still actually bake bread today in the same type of oven and everything. We bought some bread, the 50%. We should have gone for the white bread. The 50% didn't taste so hot, but it is healthier than the white bread, though. They didn't know, back then, that the bread for the lower class people was actually better for you. Most of us thought it was really cool to see people living like we would have lived during that time. The whole landscape and actual buildings were so much different than we would have thought.