07/25/10 - The Intensely Awesome Town of Bayfield

The Intensely Awesome Town of Bayfield

DATE: July 25, 2010

TIME: 10: 50 AM

OBSERVATIONS: After a very long five days on the lakes, we finally arrived in the town they call Bayfield. When we arrived in port, we started our usual deck wash. During the deck wash the local camera man recorded us putting in a full effort. When the deck was complete, we disembarked off the the ship and all of us had a minor case of sea legs. We started exploring the City of Bayfield, and we found an open patch of grass to play an epic game of Ultimate Frisbee. Mid-way through the game a native of Bayfield gave us some ice cream and hot fudge. After we all ate the delicious vanilla ice cream and hot fudge we continued playing our epic game of Ultimate Frisbee. In the last second the game was finally decided the team of William, Kyle, Scott, Kimoy, and Kelsey was victorious.

Since we were not allowed to take showers because of water conservation we were all very stinky, and we were overjoyed to take showers! After showers we read two long chapters of Captins Corageous. At the end of the second chapter there was a french song which our crew member Paul sang. It was a hilarious sight to see, we wish you all could've been there. After an extremely exciting day of exploring the awesome City of Bayfield we felt complete, and then we retired for the night into our bunks.

When we came out of retirerment, we wandered over to the local Farmers market, and we met some of the people and learned all about there crops. After this we went to Good Earth Gardens and we meet the super nice owners, Lana and Larry, and introduced ourselves and we learned the rule of blueberry picking "One for the mouth! One for the Pale!". We went blueberry picking and in total we all picked 40 lbs. of blueberries. Then Lana and Larry gave us homemade apple cider and we sat under the apple tree and had lunch. Then we got to go hiking through the forest and saw nature firsthand. Then Lana gave us a ride to Flying Snakes Farm. Where we got see many differnt types of animals including pigs, piglets, chickens, turkeys, gesse, ducks, dogs, goats, bulls and cows. Our faviorte animals were Cpt. Kirk the Pig, King the Dawg, and Ricardo the Turkey. We got a tour of the farm and some of us got to have a ride in the tractor (Josh, Kyle, William, and Jason). We made the epic Cpt. Kirk bob for apples and it was an insanely hilarious sight to see. William and the whole gang of Roseway got to hold a chicken, caught by Jason. After a long stinky day at the farm we took amazing showers and got a private tour of the U.S Coast Guard Boat "Sundew". The boat was 180 ft. and made of steel. All in all the City of Bayfield was insanely epicly intensely awesomely awesome!

WATCH MEMBERS: William Wampler, Kyle Murphy, and Jaleesah Bess