07/25/12 - The Historic Maritime World of Lunenburg

The Historic Maritime World of Lunenburg

Watch A: Aidan, Sam, Shawn, Kiera

Today we were woken up by the whole crew singing “Happy Birthday” because it's Terrick's birthday. First thing we did this morning was help the Pride of Baltimore II raise their sail. Then we took a short walk over to the dory shop and helped them refurbish one of there dories. Afterwards we took another short hike over to one of the oldest parts in Lunenburg, and then we rode some antique firetrucks. Following that we headed over to a shady little spot overlooking the ocean and had our delicious lunches. For a while after we practiced for our entertaining session tomorrow at the old folks home. Then we headed back to the docks for a surprise, dory racing. First we all got a crash course in rowing dories and headed out into the bay to practice. Once we were all comfortable with the boats we headed out in twos to put our skills to the test. Then we headed back to the picnic area to practice our entertainment again. After practicing we headed back to the boat for an early supper of spaghetti and meatballs and some surprise cake for Terrick. We headed out to a Celtic concert in the second oldest Protestant church in Canada. The concert was pretty good and lasted for a couple hours making us very tired, so we decided to call it a day and head back to the ship for some well needed rest. And that was the end of our first full day in Lunenburg.