07/23/12 - From Halifax to Lunenburg

From Halifax to Lunenburg

Watch B: Jacob, Josh, Tyler, Denny, Jevah

Today, we awoke at 0730 to find ourselves anchored in Rose Bay, just outside of Lunenburg. We had a spectacular breakfast of eggs and wraps. We write this log today, because of yesterday's, shall we say, 'adventurous' occurrences. Yesterday, we awoke at 0730 to a breakfast of scrumptious oatmeal and a delectable assortment of fruits. After morning chores, we went to briefly visit the tall ships we had not previously seen, and climb some sculptures. So yeah. We returned to the ship for an enlightening conversation regarding ethics. Soon after, we raised our sails and departed the dock we had called home for five days. We joined the other vessels leaving in a parade of tall ships. We then ate a lunch of delicious nachos. At this point, we were far out into the water, and our first taste of real sailing began. Whitecaps surrounded us, and the unforgiving sea showed us her true nature. We were experiencing the most intense sailing thus far on the trip, tacking the sails every few minutes, having to shift sides of the boat as it tilted back and forth with the movement of the sails. The most 'lively' part of our sailing was when the main sail gaff jaw shattered, as the bracket that connected the hoist to the throat came out. As startling as this was, fortunately there were much worse things that could have occurred. We were all well, safe for some scattered seasickness. After some seamen-ship lessons and rotation of watches, we finally dropped anchor at nearly 2200. The anchor dropped as we all rested in our bunks, and this consisted of massive booms and shakes. One-hour anchor watches continued through the night, complete with mad-libs, brownies, and anchor and boat checks. And so here we are, today, ready for new experiences in Lunenburg.