07/22/12 - Touring Tall Ships and Planting Seeds

Touring Tall Ships and Planting Seeds

Aidan, Sam, Keira, and Shawn

This morning we were woken up by a bell and a modified speech from the movie Independence Day (from the crew). Then for breakfast we had the most amazing banana pancakes with strawberry jam and maple syrup. After morning chores we walked to the Quebec naval dock and boarded the Ville De Quebec, a Canadian Frigate, were we got an in-depth tour of the ship. We entered cabins and compartments and we even got to sit in the Captain’s chair (shh). The tour also took us through all the command centers and watch points, we even got to see a top secret Op Center in the bowels of the ship. Then we proceeded to the nearest park and ate another of Nick's amazing bag lunches with wraps, cookies, juice, chips, and a piece of fruit. Then we went to the community garden where we split up and planted various vegetables, watered plants, mulched, and even dug a hole for and installed the last welcome sign for the local community garden. Then we went to another park and played ultimate Frisbee and an intense game of soccer. Then we walked to the U.S. Coast Guard cutter, The Eagle. On the Eagle we toured the deck. Then we went back to the Roseway for an excellent dinner of homemade pizza. An excellent end for an awesome day.