07/22/11 - South Boston Boys & Girls Club Joins Roseway

South Boston Boys & Girls Club Joins Roseway

It's been an exciting week aboard Roseway as we set sail each day from Fan Pier with 22 students from the South Boston Boys and Girls Club. These kids were high energy and tons of fun. Despite the soaring high temperatures that struck Boston this week, we stayed slightly cooler by setting sail.

One of students said: "I feel stronger," and another said this was the "Greatest experience I've had yet!"

All the usual lessons were carried out as well as a full day trip to George's Island where we toured the fort and contibuted our lessons in harbor history. We also got a good look at the Coast Guard training ship, the Eagle which sailed into town yesterday.

To wrap up the week, we had a boisterous deckhand olympics where teams challenged each other in tying knots, coiling, and ballantining.

A student told us that this was "a pretty cool, unique experience," while another said, when asked what he did all week: "coiled, ballentines, climbed the rig, went out on the bowsprit: amazing...scary, but amazing."

As usual, we'll miss these students!