07/22/10 - It's Superior in Lake Superior

It's Superior in Lake Superior

DATE: 7/22/10

TIME: 2000


This is 5th day of transit and it's been great! Because we sleep on and off throughout the day it's quite hard to keep track of dates. Two nights ago we anchored in a smallish bay called Whitefish bay. We were really glad we had decided to anchor because a rarther large lighting storm came our way, unfortunately because of the lightening we were not able to go swiming. Instead we played games in the fishhold. Throughout the night we were divided into different watch teams, rotating every hour and a half. Jess as always made us a fantastic night watch snack; blondey, peanutbutter-chocolate, cookie/brownie thing, that was delicious! During our watch we have to check the anchor and be sure it's not dragging, we also have to use a compass and measure the angle between us and four lights on land that the captain chose based on our position when we first dropped anchor. this allows us to see how much we have driffeded over the course of the night.

Last night our watch, b watch, was on from midnight untill 4am and it was freezing! Jason, Kelsey and Eden all saw many shooting stars; while Kelsey was at the helm the red lights on the compass were starting to give her a head ache, so with the help of our watch leader Peter a few stars were picked out to help her stay right on chorse of 275. Around 0240am, simply by chance Eden noticed a very very large tanker on the radar system. We tracked it and collected valuble information on the tanker: speed, course and most importantly it's distance form us. Once close enough it was impossible to miss this ship, the light's were so bright it looked like the side of a cruise ship. Only one problem we were not seeing the side of this tanker, instead we were looking it straight on. we did more calculations with the radar system and found out that we were on a collision course with this monstrosity. first he sped up and still that wasn't enough in the end we had to cut our engines, so he could cross our bow safely. Fortunately our watch was over pretty much as soon as the drama this ship had caused was cleared.

We are now in lake Superior! Yay!!! It's even colder now that it was earlier during anchor watch. There are no big waves here like we are used to back home in the VI, but there is still a fair amount of top chop - whenever there's wind (sadly not right now).The area we are sailing through right now is also frequently used by the Navy, we thought we were seeing a Laker; basicaly like an air craft carrier only smaller. we also were not sure if it was stationary so Kelsey was sent up on to the bow-sprit with a pair of binoculars to figure this out. It ended up that it wasn't a Laker it was a very big tanker. But still Kelsey was very happy to be on the bow-sprit, I want to say it's like flying but it's not it's more like what I imagine riding on the back of a whale to be like. Currently Jason and Kelsey are sitting on the cabin top watching the sunset while we write. (Now Peter wants us to do a boat check).

WATCH MEMBERS: Jason Ayala, Kelsey Morrison, Eden Leonard, Tanner Tillotson and Peter Flint