07/21/10 - Lake Superior, Here we Are!

Lake Superior, Here we Are!

DATE: 20 JUL 2010

TIME: 1735

OBSERVATIONS: The last day and a half since we left Bay City, MI has been really busy. Kai enjoys the four hour watches way better than the six hour watches she did last year. She also found Evan's explanation of the meaning of his name hilarious (noble warrior priest of the forest?!). Jess is like the best cook ever! For breakfast this morning, Jess made french toast covered in honey bunches of oats. Pure genius! She also likes to play music while she's in the galley. SO far she's played Otis Redding and Bob Marley.

Josh and Kimoy like the peacefulness of bow watch and the responsibility of keeping the boat safe. We all enjoy steering the ship. Kimoy doesn't really like steering the ship because he feels like he will get us lost. However, Kai and Josh like steering the boat because they're both really good at staying on course.

Plotting our position is really cool because we get to find out exactly where we are on the chart. The satisfaction we get from crossing the latitude and longitude lines is great. Estimating our arrival time at a given destination based on our plot is very interesting.

On our 4:00am to 8:00am watch, we were dodging a lighting storm that was on our port side. It looked like a huge claw in the sky illuminated by the lightning. The sunrise was nice and beautiful and looked like a fresh painting. All of the colors were wonderful: orange, pink, yellow, purple, and blue.

After the early watch, we had a really good nap. After lunch we went through a really cool lock that had a lot of people waiting to watch us go through. We rose about fifty feet in the lock along with a tourist boat that was going through as well. Kai took pictures of people taking pictures of us. There were some cool islands and seriously large birds. We traveled up St. Mary's river and now we're anchored for the night and ready for a long sleep.


Capt. Dwight Deckleman

Paul Martin

Evan Parnell

Kai Bartlette

Josh Winckel

Kimoy Christopher