07/21/12 - Feeding Nova Scotia and Building a Community Garden

Feeding Nova Scotia and Building a Community Garden

Watch C: Jack, Marley, Tanner, Terrick, Liz

Today we woke up at 0630, ate breakfast and did our chores. We began our day with taking a bus ride to Feed Nova Scotia where we sorted through boxes of discarded grocery items for three hours to pick out usable groceries; such as food, and cleaning supplies to stock their shelves for people in need. Upon finishing we took another short bus ride to a park were we ate our lunch and played soccer. Soon after we lively walked across the street to a community garden called Common Roots. We worked in the gardens for three hours, watering, making flowerbeds, mulching, and taking pictures for the ship. After working we took showers at the local YMCA before the Tall Ships Festival's party. We had dinner at the ancient citadel of Halifax, after dinner we took part in a ghost tour of the dungeons. The band Squid had excellent performance entertaining hundreds when we got back. Tomorrow we hope to go back to the gardens, and shortly the fireworks are going to go off.