07/20/12 - Helping Strong Communties in Halifax

Helping Strong Communties in Halifax

Watch B: Jevah, Jacob, Tyler, Josh, Denny

Today we woke up at 0630 and had a breakfast of Greek yogurt and fruit and granola. After we ate our wonderful meal cooked by the magnificent Nick, we departed Roseway and did five “I’m-A-Stars” which are basically the best thing ever (jumping jacks while screaming “I’m-A-Star.” We do these to get energized, have some fun, and because we are stars. We then took a rigorous walk to the Parker Street Food and Furniture Bank and Skills Development Center. Yes, quite a mouthful. The organization was created by a man names Mel Boutilier, who retired almost 30 years ago and since has volunteered nearly everyday, taking no money for himself and giving huge amounts of food, furniture, and other resources to people in need. The volunteers were all very kind and generous. Half of the group served people in need of food items and stacked and stored the pantries. The rest of our crew helped move furniture throughout the relatively large facility. Our main project was moving a computer lab from one building to another, which required our recently gained boating knowledge. We had to utilize persistence, teamwork, and patience. Later we attended a BBQ hosted by the Phoenix Youth Group, with an abundance of delicious nourishment. We played four-square and such, and all of us worked on a quilt, each designing a square which would then be sewn to everyone else's. Overall the experience was enlightening and a good deal of fun. There was a strong sense of community. We ate dinner and relaxed and goofed around at a park, and then walked for awhile until we reached L’arche. L’arche was a community home for those with mental difficulties. The home was very comfortable and beautiful and we all felt extremely connected. We played games and ate snacks and then had a very lengthy song session, with such songs a Hey Jude, American Pie, and Lean on Me. Everyone was warm and wonderful. Throughout the entire day, a real, true sense of community was felt by everyone.