07/19/10 - Roseway Students Take Bay City by Storm

Roseway Students Take Bay City by Storm

We have arrived at the ship. Our flights were decent but were a little bumpy going into Michigan and delay in Atlanta for some of us. The weather was cloudy so we couldn’t see out the window. Our first impressions were similar we thought the crew and the other students were awesome and we were super excited when we saw the boat for the first time. We made values of the Roseway which included Respect, Honesty, Friendship, Teamwork, Communication and Trust. Instantly we felt that we had a responsibility to work hard and be dedicated to the Roseway and the World Ocean School.

The first act of community service we performed was volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Bay City, Michigan. When we first arrived some of us played basketball with the kids while others hung out in the teen and game room with other kids. Then we served the kids pizza and ate lunch with them. During lunch, Kimoy, aka K Cris, one of the students from the Roseway, beat boxed, sang and danced. He was surprisingly good and he gained a lot of fans. After lunch we got to know the kids and had a lot of fun with them.

After the Boys & Girls Club we went to the Bay City Historical Society Musuem and Maritime Gallery. We learned about how the logging industry made Bay City. We learned about skull islands and how it disappeared due to changing water levels, it had a lot of history because there was a battle between two native American tribes, there were only 12 survivors (all of which were women). This is the reason that we can’t find it because we don’t want to invade Native American burial grounds. The museum was great because we learned about the port we are in.

Over the past couple of days we visited Europa, Pride of Baltimore II, the Bounty, and the Roald Amundsen. Some of our favorite ships were the Europa because it travels to Antartica 5 times a year, and the Roald Amundsen because it’s a symbol of the reuniting of East and West Germany and our tour guide is a current German Navy Officer (and has been for 30 years).

The Planetarium of Bay City was so awesome because we learned about how to travel by the stars and saw a cool promo of Space Park 360 technology. We also go to go to the top of the Planetarium and had a great view of our home, the Roseway.

Another act of community service was volunteering at the festival making balloon animals and tying knots. We liked making kids happy and seeing the smiles on kids faces when we gave them the balloon turtles and teaching them about wetlands and protecting water.

Our crew is so awesome. Peter has great life lessons, Capt. Dwight is funny and a great leader; Jess is a great cook and has mad cooking skills; Tanner had good scary stories; Eden is a great leader and had fun activities; Paul has great taste in Movies; Zack is great at initiating us to clean the deck; Scott knows how to work the crowds; Katie is a good soccer player and is funny; Evan knows how to get the job done; and Abby is awesome, she gave us this opportunity.

Contributions by Kyle Murphy, Jason Ayala, Kimoy Christopher, and William Wampler