07/18/12 - We've Arrived in Halifax

We've Arrived in Halifax

Watch C: Marley, Terrick, Jack, Tanner, Liz

We are now in Halifax after three days of sailing the open ocean. Upon beginning our voyage, our crew soon found out that we would pass time through watch duty and meals, rather than days of the week. It was a fantastic new experience to wake up at all hours of the day or night to be ready to perform tedious boat checks or watch the bow through a dense layer of fog. We saw whales, dolphins and seagulls. Learned how to tie different types of knots such as the square or figure eight knot.

Today we did our chores ex. Scrubbing the soles (ship floor) and bowls (toilets). After our chores we did stations; pins, climbing of the rigging, and practicing the knots we have already learned. Later today we meet some new kids from across the world and learned each other's name. It was really cool learning all of their different back rounds and cultures,then playing games that we all know and love like basketball and soccer (football). Our basketball game was very fun and exciting but our most favorite part was when they made up a new game called Sharks and Goldfish which was intense. After some “I'M A STARS!!!!!”, the YMCA International Youth Outreach Program members headed back leaving us to talk about ethics.