07/15/12 - Summer Ambassadors Drop Lines for Halifax

Summer Ambassadors Drop Lines for Halifax

Today marked the first full day for the Summer Ambassadors and it was a full one. After an early wake-up, blueberry pancakes, morning chores, lessons in community values, a safety briefing, team-building exercises, and the assignment of crew uniforms, we were ready to go. At 1100 we dropped lines and headed for sea. Breaking into our watches, we began our 72 hour voyage to Halifax.

This evening we were thrilled to see whales 50 meters off our beam! It was a great way to begin our trip. There isn't a lot of wind right now but the weather is good. We are now in our four hour watches which we will stand all night long in rotation. That means some of us get to see sunset and others sunrise. Either way, we are fully into our voyage now and looking forward to what tomorrow brings.